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25 Symptoms People Ignore Until It’s Too Late


Fatigue is another symptom of cancer that is often overlooked. Fatigue is common in individuals who are afflicted with leukemia or other cancers of the blood. Your body becomes exhausted when you lose blood too. Colon cancer causes blood loss and an early symptom of this particular cancer is fatigue. If you are feeling extremely tired, you might want to go to the doctor.

Pain can be a symptom of cancer. If you are hurting for no apparent reason, you should be checked out. If you are injured and hurting, this is a normal type of pain that will subside with rest. If you are continually hurting and it does not go away, your body could be warning you. Excessive headaches, stomach pains, or bone pains can be indicative of cancer. Pay attention to your body and heed this warning sign by going to the doctor.

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